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Illuminati Card Game predicted the Japan Earthquake? Not quite…

A lot of buzz has been created shortly after the destructive earthquake in the Japanese grounds, about a card game called the Illuminati Card Game. The game is believed to have predicted (or even planned) past disastrous events, including the fall of the World Trade Center and the pentagon:

A more recent event to have been supposedly predicted by the game was the Japan earthquake. The “prediction” came from this card:

This is how the card has been “analyzed”:

The tower seen falling at the top right corner of the card is supposedly the Wako Clock Tower, located in Japan, which is this tower:

Now the Wako tower has some striking similarities to the tower in the card right? Well, OK except the fact that the Wako tower is white and the tower in the card is black. AND the fact that the Wako tower is still intact to this day. AND the fact that it’s in Tokyo and not in Fukushima where the earthquake happened. But that’s just details.

Some people say that the tower also shows the exact time of the earthquake, some say the time on the clock resembles the date of the earthquake etc.

The other thing, is the people running like crazy. Except that this shows disaster happening, some people say that these people look Asian, therefore the Japan earthquake was predicted. Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell those people’s ethnicity. How did these people tell that they’re Asian?

This stuff might be stuff of fiction, but I’ll have to give it to these people. They have one hell of an imagination!

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