Terms of Use
The terms were last changed on 27th August 2010
Please read this statement before using the Cyprus FreeThinkers website

Updates to the Terms

The Terms of Use (TOU) are sometimes subject to change. The latest update date will be posted on this page

Usage of Resources page

The Resources page gives recommendations for science and reasoning references through links, books videos etc. The user can post recommendations for videos, books or links. The site administrators have the right to remove links that are broken, inappropriate or irrelevant to a science and reasoning website.

Usage of Blog

The Blog page contains posts submitted by users. The posts are reviewed by administrators for relevance before being posted on the website. The comment section is open for constructive commenting and debate. The comment system is provided by DISQUS. The administrators hold the right to delete or flag any comments that are too inappropriate.

Usage of Forum

The website forum is a place for open discussion and debate about subjects related to science and free-thought. The website administrators have every right to lock and delete any thread or post that relates to spam or advertising, or seems too offensive.

Using of Chat

The chat page is a place for live discussion and debate on science and reasoning subjects. The page can also be used to chat about unrelated subjects but offending users will be kicked.


Cyprus FreeThinkers was created to deconstruct faith-based ideologies through critical thinking. It is foremost a group of people stating disbelief, denial or doubt regarding the existence of gods/pixies. We simply seek a world above blind faith.


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If you have a general question about our organisation or any suggestion for the website, this is the place.

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