T-shirt Contest

Hello and welcome to the first official Cyprus FreeThinkers t-shirt design competition! As we have now become an official organisation we need a t-shirt design for all members to wear. This is your chance to get your own design on our t-shirt!

Submit your own design

Do you have an idea for a t-shirt design that really represents Cyprus FreeThinkers? Can you think of a smart or funny message that would really fit on a t-shirt? Choose your favourite image manipulation software (Photoshop, GIMP or even Paint) and make a unique design for it! Then go to the Submit page and post your image for the contest!
Make sure your design idea is original, your image is in black and white and the theme is relevant to our organisation (evolution, atheism, science, critical thinking, free thinking, etc.)
Deadline for Submissions: 25th December 2010

Vote for your Favourite Designs

Browse through the already submitted designs and vote for your favourites by clicking on the "Vote for this Design" button.
Deadline for Voting: 1st January 2011


Cyprus FreeThinkers was created to deconstruct faith-based ideologies through critical thinking. It is foremost a group of people stating disbelief, denial or doubt regarding the existence of gods/pixies. We simply seek a world above blind faith.


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