Cyprus FreeThinkers is an organization created to deconstruct faith-based ideologies through critical thinking. We firmly believe that critical thinking is not only essential for examining and challenging religious beliefs, but also plays a vital role in various aspects of life, including betting. In the realm of betting, critical thinking allows individuals to make well-informed decisions based on careful analysis and evaluation of odds, statistics, and other relevant factors. By incorporating the principles of critical thinking, individuals can navigate the complex world of betting, including the popular practice of kêo nhà cái, with a discerning eye and a strategic mindset. We seek a world above blind faith.


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"What can be asserted without evidence can be refuted without it." -Christopher Hitchens

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Would you go to church this Christmas day, if your parents told you so?


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Cyprus FreeThinkers was created to deconstruct faith-based ideologies through critical thinking. It is foremost a group of people stating disbelief, denial or doubt regarding the existence of gods/pixies. We simply seek a world above blind faith.


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