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“YOUR grandparents are monkeys!”

The school I went to didn’t teach evolution, not even in science class, but my parents taught me about it at home, and I remember an incident, not sure what grade I was in… Anyway, so the teacher was saying how Adam was made by God, from clay, and that he blew into him (to give him a soul, you see?) and he was the first human, this is according to Islamic thought. Then he made Eve from Adams rib(!?!) and they proceed to fornicate, producing offspring, that would fornicate, and so on and so forth, until this incestuous orgy filled the planet with humans. Yaaay we are all related!!!

Sorry, I got a bit off track. :b

Anywhoooo, once the teacher was done with her lecture, I raised my hand, eager to share with the class Darwin’s theory of evolution, so I enthusiastically explained that I had learned that over millions of years, we humans have evolved from apes.

I was ridiculed! Some student’s just laughed, and one shouted “My grandparents weren’t monkeys, YOUR grandparents are monkeys!” I tried in vain to assure them that nobody’s actual grandparents or great grandparents, no matter how many “greats” you stick there, were actual monkeys. But to no avail. I could tell the teacher was kind of shocked (even maybe offended) but she kept it civil by saying: “That is not what God told us.”

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I wasn’t convinced by those brainwashing thugs, and that my parents still taught me to question everything and that science always trumps religion and myth.

So, dear reader, after boring you with my personal story, which I was reminded of while watching the following videos. What are your thoughts?

Part 01

Part 02


And (just out of curiosity) here is the story of the Imam they mentioned


Looking forward to reading your comments on the subject.

- Munky420

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